The Secret to Providing Fast Customer Service

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Whether or not “the customer is always right” may be debatable, the customer does have the final word. If you treat your customers with respect and provide good service, odds re they will continue to be your customers. On the other hand, it only takes one bad customer experience to lose a client. According to a report from Dimensional Research, 96% of customers were much more likely to change their behavior after receiving poor customer service. A typical response from customers shows that 59% would simply stop buying products or services from a company with bad service.

In fact, consumers are more likely to pay a premium for goods and services from companies they perceive as providing excellent customer support.

This is not to say that price-point and value don’t matter to consumers. However, it is incumbent on businesses to maintain a quality standard as well as competitive pricing to be viable in today’s economy.

A cloud-based phone system helps businesses optimize the customer experience in many ways, including cost. But, there are benefits, even more important than cost, that come from using a digital cloud service.

Reducing or Eliminating Hold Times
Nobody likes to wait. With a traditional landline phone system, customers must wait in line until the next available agent becomes free. That’s a problem when you realize that a 30-second wait is about all most customers will tolerate.

If a customer does wait for an extended period of time, they are more likely to become agitated and impatient. Having a frustrated caller is not what you want for your customers.

With cloud-based telephones, callers can be instantly sent to any available representative for assistance. Even more helpful – those reps can be located anywhere in the world. If your business has employees working remotely, your customers will never even know. Decreased wait time makes for happier customers and customer loyalty.

No Need to Pass the Buck
Do you like to be transferred from one person to another? Probably not. That’s not an issue with cloud-based phone service. With built-in customizable auto attendants, every call will be professionally answered and callers given the option to select exactly who they wish to speak with.

With increased efficiency and speed, representatives can answer questions and solve problems faster and customers are happier.

Digital Phones Let Customers Connect Directly
It is not uncommon for small and mid-sized businesses to have more people than available phone lines. Not having your own unique phone number or extension can make it difficult for customers to find the right person.

With traditional phone systems, it often takes weeks for newly hired employees to get their own phone and extension. On top of the long wait, the cost can be extremely high. Such delays do not make for good business.

On the other hand, a cloud-based telephone can be installed and ready to go within minutes. There are no hardware changes or long waits. Instantly, new hires will be set up and ready to go with customized greetings, voicemail, and a dedicated phone number they can share with their clients.

Using a softphone app, workers can simply transfer business calls to their cellphone when working remotely. Because they are using their business line, their personal information will not show up on calls.

Quick Response with Voicemail to Email
If someone doesn’t check voicemail on a regular basis, or they are away from their desk phone, those voicemails can go unanswered for a long time. Customers expect a quick response when they have questions. According to Small Business Trends, 82% of consumers expect an immediate response to sales or marketing questions.

Cloud phone systems feature voicemail-to-email, which immediately records voicemails in an audio file and emails it to the employee. The result is a faster response. If they are unavailable, the voicemail can be forwarded to a co-worker to take rapid, appropriate action.

The Bottom Line
According to Forbes: “getting customer experience right is no longer a luxury, but a critical business priority.” If you want to provide the necessity of immediate response, a cloud-based phone system, like that from Carolina Digital Phone, is the only choice.

To learn more about providing the best possible experience for current and future customers — while saving thousands of dollars a year on your telecommunications costs — contact the Carolina DIgital Phone team today at (336) 560-4400. Your consultation with us is free.


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