Goodbye Premise-Based Phone System

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Time for a Change

A cloud-based telephone system delivers considerable advantages over a premise-based phone system. Saving money is the first and most notable benefit. A cloud-based system eliminates the need for in-house hardware, as all communication takes place over the internet. This results in a significant reduction in upfront costs plus lower continued maintenance costs.

But the fund doesn’t stop there. Cloud-based business phone systems – often referred to as VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol – delivers added flexibility, scalability, and features compared to premise-based phone systems that simply can’t keep up with the pace of business today. Cloud-based systems allow businesses to scale their phone system without investing in expensive hardware or infrastructure. Additionally, these systems come packed with different features such as automated attendants, call forwarding, video conferencing, and text messaging – all integrated into one single platform.

This makes it easier for businesses to streamline operations and stay competitive by providing better customer service and faster response times. Plus, cloud-based telephone systems are much more reliable than premise-based phone systems. Premise-based phone systems are subject to power outages or other disruptions.

Increased Flexibility

Further, cloud-based systems are much more flexible. Users access their phone system from anywhere with an internet connection, making it ideal for remote workers or businesses with multiple locations. Remote work is now the norm for many employees. Also, cloud-based systems are more reliable than premise-based systems. The entire system is hosted in the cloud – free of hardware malfunctions or outages. This means that businesses have confidence that their phone system will always be up and running when they need it.

Finally, cloud-based telephone systems provide a wide range of features that traditional premise-based phone systems simply cannot match.  Many cloud-based business phone systems offer features that are not available with premise-based solutions.

Though premise-based phone systems still serve certain needs, for most businesses today a cloud-based system is the superior choice. Cloud-based business phone systems provide cost savings, flexibility, reliability, and a comprehensive range of features that make them an ideal choice for any business looking to upgrade its existing telephone system.

Increased Scalability

Another advantage of cloud-based telephone systems is scalability. If a business needs to add more users or phone lines, the cloud-based system accommodates this growth with ease. This is much simpler than adding more hardware to a premise-based system, which requires time, money, and effort.

Let’s say you are running a business and you want to take advantage of a booming market. With a cloud-based telephone system, you can add another branch or remote workers overnight. The servers and support are already in place remotely. You just add additional users and phones – not additional routing equipment and support teams. That saves you time and money and gives you an advantage over your competition.

Lots of Features

Cloud-based telephone systems also provide advanced features, such as call routing, call forwarding, and call recording, that significantly improve the customer experience. For example, with call routing, calls are automatically forwarded to the right person or department, ensuring that customers are always connected to the right person. Other features available through VoIP service include a call center, voice mail, and conference bridge capabilities. All of these features save businesses both time and money, as well as make customer interactions more efficient.

Auto-attendant and time-of-day routing are two important features in cloud-based VoIP telephone services. An auto-attendant is an automated system that answers incoming calls and routes them to the appropriate extension or department. Customers connect to the right person, even if there are no available operators.

Time-of-day routing, on the other hand, allows businesses to route calls to different extensions or departments depending on the time of day. For example, after-hours calls are forwarded to an after-hours message or answering service. These features greatly improve the customer experience, as calls are answered quickly and efficiently, reducing wait times and improving call quality.

Additionally, auto attendant and time-of-day routing help businesses save time and money, as they eliminate the need for human operators and reduce the workload of existing employees. As a result, businesses will improve their productivity and provide better customer service, making them more competitive in the marketplace.

Better Security

Cloud-based telephone systems are inherently more secure than premise-based systems due to the nature of cloud computing. All data is stored in the cloud and is protected by the provider’s security measures. These measures are typically much stronger and more advanced than those of an individual business. This provides an extra layer of protection against theft, hacking, and other security threats. In contrast, premise-based systems are vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. That causes significant disruption and downtime.

If a premise-based system is damaged or destroyed, all the data stored on it is lost. The result is costly and time-consuming data recovery efforts. Cloud-based systems always back up data and are easily recoverable in the event of an outage or disaster. By choosing a cloud-based telephone system, businesses enjoy peace of mind knowing that their critical communication data is secure and protected.

Cloud-based telephone systems are also safe from interruptions from natural disasters like hurricanes, snowstorms, floods, and the like. With geo-redundant servers in multiple locations, and a VoIP system like one from Carolina Digital Phone your business provides the flexibility to switch to working remotely, even when your business loses power or internet access.

Make the Switch

In conclusion, cloud-based telephone systems offer numerous advantages for businesses of all sizes. From cost savings to enhanced features and increased security, it is easy to see why cloud-based phone service is such a popular choice. 

So if you are looking for an affordable and reliable business phone system that provides unparalleled features and protection, cloud-based systems are the way to go. Is it time to replace your aging and outdated premise-based phone system? Call Carolina Digital Phone to understand how affordable and beneficial switching is! Don’t delay –  start today with Carolina Digital Phone’s cloud-based VoIP services.

Call us now at 336-544-4000 to learn more about our cloud-based telephone system solutions and find out how to improve your business!

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