Security: Cloud-Based Phones Vs Landline Phones

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Security is always a concern these days and for good reason. Data breaches can be extremely costly. Remember the Target breach in 2013? It ultimately ended up costing the retail giant $162 million. The Epsilon breach back in 2011 topped-out at 4 billion dollars. Most breaches aren’t as costly as these famous cases. But, all infringements are expensive and can take years to fix.

The bottom line is this – businesses need to be proactive to minimize the chances that of a breach in data. Believe it or not, switching from a traditional landline to a state-of-the-art cloud phone system is more secure and less expensive.

Let’s explore the security difference between cloud-based phones and traditional phone systems.

  1. Backing up data to the cloud means employees aren’t keeping sensitive telecommunications data on their devices, which can disappear in a hurry. Research has found that a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds, and more than 70 million smartphones are lost each year — with only 7% being recovered.
  2. In many businesses, securing the phone system means putting a lock on the closet/room where the system is installed (and in many small businesses, there isn’t even a lock!). Considering how much sensitive data is stored on the system at any given time, this is a massive vulnerability. Cloud phone system providers mitigate this risk in two ways. First, they deploy several layers of cybersecurity such as next-generation firewalls, encryption, and more. Second, they deploy several layers of physical security at their data centers such as concrete barriers, security cameras, fences with barbed wire, and guards.
  3. Storing data in the cloud vs. on-premises can reduce the likelihood of insider threats carried out by rogue workers, contractors, and vendors — and in other cases, incompetent or negligent employees. According to a recent study carried out by the Ponemon Institute and co-sponsored by IBM and ObserveIT, the frequency and cost of insider threats have risen sharply from $8.76 million in 2018 to $11.45 million in 2020.
  4. Cloud phone system providers conduct ongoing penetration and vulnerability testing, which is a level of continuous auditing and scrutiny that many companies — especially small businesses — cannot provide because they do not have the resources, the time, the budget and/or the expertise.
  5. Cloud phone system providers store data in multiple locations, which protects data from hardware failure, corruption, theft, or disasters like flood and fire. Research shows that recovery times are 4 times faster for businesses that use cloud services compared to businesses that don’t.

The bottom line? Shifting your phone system from the ground to the cloud isn’t just about saving thousands of dollars each year, empowering your remote workers, and improving customer experience. It’s also about being SAFER. Indeed, in a Microsoft survey, 94% of businesses said that their security improved after adopting cloud-based applications!

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