5 Reasons to INSIST on Local Tech Support for Your VoIP Phone System

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If your organization is evaluating various VoIP (a.k.a. cloud-based) phone systems, then naturally you will focus on factors like total cost of ownership, scalability, functionality, features, integrations, and security. All of these aspects are vital and need to be on your checklist. But there is another piece of the puzzle that will ultimately determine whether your investment is rewarding and profitable, or regrettable and costly: local tech support.

Below, we highlight five reasons why you should INSIST on local tech support for your VoIP phone system:

1. Local Tech Support Gives You On-Site Coverage

Ideally, many of your support-related issues can be dealt with remotely. However, there might (and likely will) be scenarios where you need experts to come on-site. A vendor that offers local tech support will be there to solve your problems — often the same day or the next business day.

2. Local Support Speaks Your Language

Diversity is a good thing. We all benefit when we contribute in different and positive ways. But when you need answers about your VoIP phone system or require support, then you don’t want to get stuck with someone in a call center on the other side of the world who does not FULLY understand English. Consider this plea from an AT&T customer that was posted online:

“How can I speak to a customer service rep who speaks English? The last guy I was connected to spoke broken English and I didn’t understand about 50% of what he said AND there was a rooster crowing in the background! I pay AT&T tons of $$$ and can’t even get someone to answer a few questions!!!”

When you choose a vendor with local tech support, you never have to worry about this problem (including the rooster!).

3. Local Tech Support Ensures that Your Data is Secure and Remains in the U.S.

If your VoIP phone system vendor provides local tech support, you know that when you reach out for help your data will stay in the U.S. It will therefore be governed by very strict standards and laws. But if your vendor outsources their support to another country — not because it’s beneficial for you, but because it’s cheaper for them — then who knows where your data will end up, or how it will be stored or shared. Ask yourself: can you really afford to take a chance that your information will fall into the wrong hands?

4. Local Support Helps You Ensure Accountability

When your VoIP phone system vendor has their tech support based elsewhere, there is always going to be anxiety and confusion regarding accountability. For example, if you aren’t happy with the service you receive, then who is going to take ownership of that and make it right? It will be as if you are dealing with two separate companies. The VoIP vendor on one side, and the outsourced tech support on the other.

When you choose a VoIP vendor that offers local tech support, then you never have to deal with this — because there is only ONE source. You are never caught in the middle and forced to go back and forth over and over again.

5. Local Tech Support Makes Your Community Stronger

When you choose a vendor that provides local tech support, the experts who are eager to help you are U.S. citizens. These people live and work in your area. Heck, they may even be your next-door neighbor! You can feel proud that you are doing your part to make your community stronger. Plus, it’s helping restart and drive the post-pandemic economy.

At Carolina Digital Phone, we proudly offer the industry’s BEST LOCAL TECH SUPPORT. Here is what one of our customers recently had to say:

“The support of this company is amazing. One of my routers went down in my rack of equipment. The crew came back onsite and they worked with me after hours to get my equipment back online. Carolina Digital Phone takes pride in what they do and also their customers! I highly recommend this company. 5 STARS :)” — Saul Guerrero, Circle Computer Resources, Inc.

Discover our legendary commitment to local tech support and schedule a demo of our all-in-one VoIP phone system. Call us now at (336) 544-4000, or chat with us by clicking the icon on the bottom of your screen.

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