Working From Home. How’s It Working?

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A new report from Gallup suggests that while many workplaces are returning to a “normal” in-office activity but that a nearly two-thirds majority of employees who have been working remotely since the beginning of the coronavirus would like to continue working from home. While 30% of those people responding to the survey said they were concerned about COVID-19, 35% would like to continue working remotely.

For those who have adjusted their lives to working remotely, there are benefits as well as trade-offs. Managing to make the best of their new routines can be tricky for some people. The rewards, however, can offset the inconveniences, if done right.

For instance, how are you using the time you used to use for your commute? The average commute time in the US is just under 27 minutes, according to the US Census Bureau. That’s roughly an extra hour every workday! Most of us would be excited to get an extra hour of free time, not to mention saving wear and tear on vehicles. But not everyone can use that extra time the way they would like. This is where the trade-off comes into play.

While you may have gained some time not having to travel back and forth to the office, you may have lost that time (and often more) by having to deal with obligations at home. In the big picture, having even an extra hour may not be nearly enough now that you are having to handle remote learning for your kids or dealing with numerous distractions around the house. Add to that the seemingly endless video meetings you find yourself on.

The key to thriving in a remote or hybrid work environment is to make sure you have good communication with everyone you work with. Having the proper tools, like a cloud-based telephone, high-speed internet, up-to-date computer, and a dedicated workspace are essential to your success. Without the right equipment and support, it would be difficult enough working at a central office, let alone from your kitchen table.

It’s not like we haven’t been using cellphones and computers to do work away from the office up until now. The difference is that many of us are now depending on those devices on a day-to-day basis as our main means of communication for work. Having a cloud-based telephone system, like that provided by Carolina Digital Phone, means you can keep work and home numbers separate and still do business from the same cellphone you use for personal business. And the ability to bring your desk phone home from work means you can handle a work crisis without having to go into the office.

While many of us have been thrust into either a remote or hybrid work environment, those who have kept up to date on technology have been to make a much smoother transition to what will undoubtedly be the standard for many years to come. If you haven’t embraced your new work reality, take a step back, and examine things. You might just find out that things are better than you thought.

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