Why Multi-Location Retailers are Switching to a Cloud Telephone System

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While life on the retail landscape has always been challenging, the situation today is even more pressure-packed as supply chains get more complex and difficult to manage, profit margins shrink due to relentless offline and online competition, and customer expectations rise with every touchpoint and transaction.

In light of the constant and urgent need to do more for less — and stay ahead of the competition vs. fall behind — a growing number of multi-location retailers are swapping their bloated, costly and inflexible on-premises phone system, for an agile, affordable and scalable cloud telephone system.

Here are 10 key reasons why:

  1. All employees are connected on a unified, centralized phone system. They can instantly see if their colleagues are available or busy, send/receive instant messages, and seamlessly transfer live calls.
  2. All domestic long-distance calls are free, which saves some multi-located retailers thousands of dollars a year.
  3. When changing locations or moving to a new location, there is no need to install new phone lines. Employees simply plug in their IP phone, and they’re good to go. They can even keep the same number.
  4. Retailers can configure ring groups (multiple phones ring concurrently) and hunt groups (designated phones ring in succession) across multiple locations to minimize the chances that customers and other callers will be sent to voicemail.
  5. Employees can have their own unique phone number, or multiple employees can share a number to streamline operations and improve efficiency.
  6. Retailers can configure dialing plans across multiple locations, which allow employees to reach colleagues or departments quickly and easily by dialing a site code and extension.
  7. Employees can make and receive calls on a smartphone (either personally-owned or corporately-supplied). All outgoing calls display the business’s name on caller ID.
  8. Employees can use voicemail-to-email to pick up voicemails while away from the store or head office, and forward voicemails to any colleague or department.
  9. Retailers can cost-effectively setup a cloud call center to improve customer service, increase sales, and provide after-sales support.
  10. In the event of a local power outage, a cloud phone system remains operational. Calls can be forwarded to any other number or location, and employees can make/receive calls on their smartphone.

To learn more about reaping all 10 of these rewards in your multi-location retail business, contact Carolina Digital Phone today. (336) 544-4000

We will provide you with a live guided demo of our cloud telephone system, and our professionals will be available to answer all of your questions. There is absolutely no cost, no risk, and no obligation, and we can deliver the demo at your location or over the web.

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