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Right now, we are living in uncertain times resulting from a global pandemic. There is fear and even panic resulting from this virus and the resulting aftermath. Many are sick, some have died, many more are at risk, food and savings are scarce for some people, some have lost their jobs or at least their income, and schools are shut down. No one is unaffected by the turmoil.

While we are struggling through the changes and adjustments needed to fight this virus, we may have difficulty seeing an end. We may be longing to go back to a time before the world was turned upside down.

These are normal reactions, but what if we started looking at this through a different lens. If we stop and look around, we can see all the challenges and bad things happening, but if we want, we can also focus on the many good things that are happening too.

One of the biggest things we can see that is good is the way that people are reaching out to comfort and help others, even in the midst of their own struggles. It is important to notice and hold on to the good we see in the world, and even contribute to it as much as we can.

We can also look forward to life after COVID-19 with hope. Instead of wishing to go back to how things were before the pandemic, we can instead think about how we can grow and improve to create a better world after the threat is over.

One way we can see the positivity come from the COVID-19 pandemic is in the way it will influence small businesses and business startups.

Current Small Businesses

One advantage of being a small business is the fact that small business owners can move much faster than a big corporation. Big corporations have layers of management and various committees that all need to be involved in making big decisions. A small business owner can change gears and implement new ideas much faster.

If a small business owner has an idea for a product or service, they can take steps that same day to implement systems to start production or marketing. In a larger corporation, the only thing that could be done would be to start making a proposal to send to other departments.

One example of the way this can be done effectively during the current global climate is with Mike Lindell’s My Pillow company. His company has under 2,000 employees, so it can still be considered to be a smaller business. He switched gears with his company to fill a gap in the market by making 50,000 face masks per day. He was able to do this with just a few days to change the assembly process.

He was in a position to do this because he runs a small business and can change and adapt quickly to meet the current market’s needs. He can move so quickly for three reasons:

  1. He knew it was the right thing, so he had the motivation to accomplish his goals.
  2. He saw an opportunity to both help the world with a need and improve his business at the same time.
  3. He was able to contribute to the world in a meaningful way by helping with a shortage and keeping his employees working.

Another example is Hanes Knitwear, which is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It is not a small business but has still shown great initiative in this time of need. They have been producing t-shirts and underwear for over 100 years, but now is making one million medical grade face masks for healthcare workers.

We can also see other businesses jumping in to help the current shortages by turning their factories and other facilities into areas to make ventilators, sanitizers, and face masks to respond to the crisis. Truly we can see how a crisis can bring us together and give us opportunities to grow and serve others.

After COVID-19

We have a great opportunity to re-invent the world after this pandemic. When this over, we will see many new businesses start and thrive. There are millions of small businesses that have founders and owners who are ingenious and creative. There are even more people who have ideas waiting to come to life. Business is sure to bloom when the new America 2.0 is born.

In order to make this a reality, society will have to change. Cities might have to change the way they grow. More businesses will have to consider making the decision to start in a smaller town to employ local people who will be committed to the mission of their company. Business cultures will also have to change. Business owners can have more confidence in their belief that a small business can grow as it adapts to the world.

This pandemic has also shown us some areas in our society and businesses that are tremendously lacking. Companies now have the opportunity to come up with new ideas and policies to help protect against some of the negative effects we have seen.

If you have big ideas and motivation, then now is the time to act! The new America will be here sooner than we think, and those who get moving now will be the ones to succeed. We are doing our part to assist you get started by offering telephone services at no cost for two months to help existing businesses stay afloat, and new businesses thrive.

About Carolina Digital Phone

With more and more businesses switching to work-from-home situations, there needs to be a way for employees to stay connected and complete their work. This not only helps businesses but also helps the employees to maintain their income in these troubling times.

As a small company ourselves we have also responded to the call. We are doing what is right for America in providing telephone services at no cost for two months to help a business stay in business. We understand your concerns and needs and strive to help fill in the gaps to help you keep making the world a better place. We are the solution for the new worker force in America, just like you can be the solution for the new business world.

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