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The COVID-19 pandemic has left many businesses having no choice but to work from home. For some companies, this may be a relatively easy switch. Others might well be panicking about how to (quickly) deploy a remote operation. The good news is it isn’t too late to equip yourself with the right tools, practices and attitudes to thrive as a remote business.

1 . Communicate with your team

When you are working remotely, it’s more important than ever to establish communication solutions for you and your team. Working remotely does not mean that communication should decrease, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Get yourself organized and arrange team meetings via video conferencing as often as you need too. Use instant messaging as opposed to email, so that staff can contact you faster and in real-time.

2. Perfect your workspace

One of the biggest challenges of remote work is separating your working environment from your leisure environment. Instead of attempting to work while lounging on the sofa, be sure to set up a proper desk area! Keep the area clear of clutter and decorate with plants and inspirational artwork. Remember to use an ergonomic chair to ensure that you do not sustain any injuries due to long periods of sitting down.

3. Set a strict regime

When you’re working remotely, it can be easy to get into anti-social working habits, i.e. getting up late and then working late into the night. To keep yourself healthy and productive, plan a strict work regime including breaks for a stroll, lunch and coffee etc. Use apps like Toggl, to block time-wasting websites (if you’re someone who is easily distracted at home)!

4. Reach out to your audience

Perhaps you’re used to engaging with customers in person, and you’re worried about how remote work might change things? In this case, use webinars to provide your audience with useful information and updates about your company. Webinars are a great way to allow your target audience to ask you questions live, and therefore boost your authority and brand awareness.

5. The right tech tools

When you’re looking to brave the world of the remote business, there are plenty of tech tools that can help you on your journey. Slack is a popular messaging application, which allows employees to share ideas, files and projects with ease, using a digital platform. Slack can be easily integrated with Google Drive, and it’s a far quicker option than email comms. You’ll also want to get yourself some good project management software; there are plenty of options out there including Monday.com and Proof Hub. With a robust project management tool, you’ll get organized, save time and improve remote working productivity.

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