Where is the Power Supply?

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Working remotely has its challenges, especially when you usually rely on your office IT supplies to help you keep everything up and running! I work in medical supplies sales and need an IP based phone to do my job, so I was worried when my boss asked us all to work from home for a while. Nevertheless, I packed up my desk and set off, ready to work hard from home, whatever the challenges. Of course, when I got there, I found my IP based phone needs a power supply to work! What was I going to do?

At the office, we have an IT director that fixes everything for us when we have technology problems. Every desk in the office has two internet connections, which both have power over ethernet, also known as POE. Of course, I don’t have a POE switch at home, and no IT director to help me out. Lost for a solution, I called my IT director, and he told me to come back to the office to collect a power supply to use at home. Unfortunately, everyone else had the same problem, and over 40 of us came back to the office to get a power supply. I would need another solution. If I can’t make any calls, I can’t make any sales, and sales are my job! I thought hard for something else I could do. Maybe I could use my iPhone instead?

No such luck. The weak battery on my phone means it dies almost immediately. What now? Wait! I had an old somewhere. Would that do? I dug out my old iPhone 6 from the depths of a drawer, but that also has a very short battery life of just a few hours. I was now faced with having to search my desk for some kind of power supply to power my phone. Had I lost the old charger for it? It must be here somewhere! My search was fruitless and I couldn’t find anything that could charge my phone and get me back to work.

I had a brain-wave. Instead of wasting hours searching my desk for a charger, I might have thrown away, I could plug in my IP telephone with the power supply from my clock radio! I plugged it in, feeling smart. Boom! The IP telephone sparks and begins to smoke. It’s completely dead. Oh no! What now? Now I had no POE and no phone!

The next day, I went back to the office yet again to get another phone for me to use. There’s still no spare power supplies! I hunt the office for a spare that might have been overlooked, but of course, everyone else is doing the same. Finally, I turned to Amazon. Success! I managed to find a really nice POE switch that I can use at my home. Except it has a delivery date of July 2020. Perhaps I haven’t saved the problem after all. If only I had IT support at home!

At Carolina Digital Phone we are ready to deliver the critical phones and even power supplies you might need to work remotely. We are prepared and have a healthy supply of new Yealink IP Phones ready to ship today. We even have the critical power supply you might need to power your phone at home. We also have a great relationship with our wholesale delivery partners to deliver products directly to you, or your employees quickly on a moments notice. Call us today (336) 544-4000.

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