How Hosted VoIP Can Make your Law Office More Professional

VoIP In Law Firms

Communication is key for forward-thinking legal firms. While many law offices focus on attracting local clients, they don’t always opt for local service providers, and this can come at a cost. Local VoIP service providers offer cutting-edge, enterprise-grade telecommunications systems and features with the added bonus of a personal touch. If you’re looking to update or upgrade your VoIP phone service, there are several benefits to opting for local VoIP providers for law offices.

The benefits of a VoIP phone service for law offices

Law offices deal with a range of clients day in, day out, and they also liaise with other professionals. Law offices VoIP services facilitate efficient, seamless engagement, providing legal firms with the ability to make and receive calls with minimal effort and expenditure, and establish clear, strong connections with customers.

VoIP services offer a host of benefits for law offices, including:

  • Improving efficiency and cutting running costs: running a legal business often incurs significant overheads, and installing VoIP phone systems is a simple and effective way to drive down the cost of staying connected. With these systems, you can communicate both internally and externally without worrying about fees. Virtual phone systems are often cheaper than conventional phone lines, and they have scope to benefit the firm in several other ways.
  • Creating a professional impression: clients searching for a legal representative will actively look for an individual or an office that presents a smart, professional, reliable, and reputable image. It takes a matter of seconds for a potential customer to form a first impression, and a slick VoIP system can help you achieve this objective. Whether a call is handled by a member of staff or a client is put through to an automated system out of hours, that first point of contact is crucial. Nobody wants to be kept waiting.
  • Working on the go: we live in a world where mobile technology is taking over. With advanced VoIP systems, you don’t have to be rooted to your desk to be able to work. This form of technology enables you to work in a much more flexible manner, and this can benefit you, as well as your clients.
  • Engagement and interaction: there is nothing more frustrating for a client than being on the end of a call, which is interrupted or broken due to poor signal or a bad connection. With a VoIP phone system for law offices, clients and legal professionals can benefit from crystal clear lines, which encourage engagement and interaction. With this type of technology, communication goes far beyond a simple phone call, and it’s possible to organize meetings, to discuss matters with a colleague, or even to send a professional greeting to a client.

Local service provider benefits for law offices

The benefits of VoIP phone services for law offices are clear to see, but why should you consider working with a local provider? Local VoIP providers go above and beyond larger corporations to offer bespoke solutions and a level of service that cannot be matched by national businesses. If you’re searching for a new provider for your law office, here are some of the most impressive features offered by local VoIP services:

  • Consulting and tailored pre-sales advice: before you sign up for a new VoIP phone service, it’s natural to want to understand what you’re getting and how your new system will benefit you. A local VoIP provider won’t just visit your office to install the system and wish you well. They will take the time to get to know you, to understand your individual needs and preferences, and to tailor suggestions and recommendations that suit your budget. National companies usually focus purely on sales.
  • Seamless installation and configuration: VoIP systems can be complex, and this is why expert installation is essential. A local provider will devote care and attention to setting your new system up and ensuring that you understand exactly how it works and how you can get the best out of it. You don’t want to end up paying for a consultant later in the day because your system hasn’t been configured correctly.
  • 24/7 support: the world of business is changing and evolving all the time. Access to 24/7 support is not beneficial solely for potential issues or hiccups, but also for moving with the times and equipping your staff with the tools and technology they need to achieve optimum results. Your local provider will be there to advise you and to facilitate growth and modernization.
  • Value for money: national vendor prices may be competitive with local providers, but you get a lot more for your money with a local service.

VoIP services provide seamless telecommunications for law offices, but not all providers are created equal. If you’re looking to take advantage of a personalized service, which will improve efficiency, cut costs, create a professional image, and facilitate client engagement, why not consider buying local?

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