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4 Surprising Features in Our Cloud Business Phone Service (Hint: They Have Nothing to Do with Phone Calls!)

Surprises come in two versions. There is the “wow, how exciting and wonderful!” variety. And then there is the “oh please let this be a bad dream that I’m about to wake up from!” kind (otherwise known as the “birthday party from hell”).

Well, here at Carolina Digital Phone we are all about giving our customers delightful surprises. And with this in mind, we are pleased to highlight four surprising features that are included in our all-in-one cloud business phone service. Why are they “surprising”? There are two reasons: because they have nothing to do with making and receiving phone calls, and because they are 100% free!

Surprising Cloud Business Phone Service Feature #1: Video Conferencing

The pandemic introduced many businesses to videoconferencing. And then it quickly introduced them to the frustration and stress of having to deal with dropped calls, terrible video and audio quality, alarming security vulnerabilities and breaches (Zoom, we’re looking at you!), and confusing interfaces that baffle even the most sophisticated digital natives — let alone folks whose pinnacle of geekiness is being able to program their DVR.

Our cloud business phone service features secure, enterprise-class videoconferencing with high-definition video and audio. What’s more, there is nothing to download, install — or break! Our refreshingly easy-to-use videoconferencing solution is 100% browser-based and supports up to four participants (customers who need to have conferences with more participants can simply upgrade to a higher tier at a very affordable price).

Surprising Cloud Business Phone Service Feature #2: SMS, MMS, and Team Messaging

Slack. Teams. Troop. Brosix. Ryver. No, these are not the names of champion racehorses, or highly nutritious breakfast cereals that taste about as lousy as the cardboard box they come in. These are some of the many, many chat apps that have become staples on the workplace landscape — especially due to the recent rise of remote working.

While businesses are glad that their employees are connecting with each other through chat apps, they aren’t thrilled about the fact that not everyone is using the same tool — which can lead to compliance and security concerns, as well as reduce productivity (i.e. if one group is using Teams and another group is using Slack, they will have trouble connecting with each other to share knowledge and get on the same page). What’s more, many chat apps are fee-based.

Our cloud business phone service features a built-in SMS and MMS chat app that can be easily accessed through desktop/laptop and mobile devices. In addition, employees can send team messages to increase efficiency. For example, instead of trying to hunt down the specific sales rep who chatted with a customer earlier in the day (and who has forgotten the name of the person they spoke to), a team message can be sent to all sales reps — and the one in question can immediately spring into action.

Surprising Cloud Business Phone Service Feature #3: Handset Paging

Sending an SMS, MMS, or team message may not always be ideal, because an employee may be away from their desk — but still within earshot of their phone. That is where handset paging comes in handy!

This is a simple and highly effective way to audio broadcast any kind of message, from general updates (e.g. “all shipments scheduled for today’s pick-up need to be at the loading dock by no later than 1:30 pm, instead of the normal time of 2:00 pm”) to specific messages (e.g. “hey Joe, can you come out to the reception area for a minute? A customer wants to see you.”)

Surprising Cloud Business Phone Service Feature #4: Unlimited Online Faxing

Online faxing (a.k.a. e-faxing and cloud faxing) is not just as good as using a conventional fax machine — in many ways it is superior. For example, with our cloud business phone service:

  • Employees can send faxes from anywhere and anytime — all they need is to log into the online platform through their browser. No physical fax machine is required.
  • Faxes are sent as data packets using Wi-Fi, LAN, or cellular networks. No separate fax line is necessary. This is great news for remote workers!
  • Employees who are expecting fax receive it immediately. There is no risk that fax will get neglected in a tray somewhere overnight or over a weekend/holiday.
  • Employees who send fax can confirm precisely when it was delivered.
  • Employees can forward faxes to colleagues, customers, or any other authorized individual — just like any other document. They can also easily retrieve fax at a later date. There is no risk or worry that it may have gotten lost.
  • Online faxing is secure and complies with HIPAA. This is a major advantage vs. physical fax machines, since “snoopers” can glance at faxes — or worse, they can steal them.

4 Happy (No Longer) Surprises in 1 Trusted & Affordable Solution

Yes, we admit it: the whole point of a surprise is that it is unexpected. But there is something that business owners and executives enjoy more than a happy surprise: getting huge and immediate benefits for their work without paying a cent! And that is exactly what they get with our all-in-one cloud business phone service, because video conferencing, SMS/MMS/team messaging, handset paging, and e-faxing are all included.

Learn more by calling Carolina Digital Phone today at (336) 544-4000, or click the chat icon at the bottom of your screen.

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