Keep your on premise PBX and switch to SIP and save. Carolina Digital SIP Trunks as low as $10/per month per channel easily connects with Asterisk, Cisco, Elastix, FreePBX, Microsoft Lync, Nortel, Digium SwitchVox, Thirdlane, TrixBox and many others.

Our SIP trunks operate on your own broadband Internet connection and we offer both metered and unlimited rate plans. Our Tier-1 network provides your business with an lower cost alternative to the traditional telephone company that offers you copper lines, T1s or PRI circuits. We utilizes only Tier-1 upstream providers to route our SIP traffic.  We do this to ensure that you get the highest quality voice experience and a redundant network for outstanding reliability and performance.

  • Flat Monthly Rate, Unlimited Calling Plans or;
  • Metered Service Plans for Seasonal Calling
  • Scales with your business growth
  • Tier-1 Redundant Network
  • Easy setup in minutes
  • Highest quality G711U codec

You have invested in your company’s PBX and now need to take it to a higher level. High costs may be incurred through a combination of monthly phone bills, which include charges for incoming phone lines, long distance charges and IT and maintenance fees, all of which can be drastically reduced or eliminated by a SIP Trunking from Carolina Digital.

SIP Trunking from Carolina Digital with VoIP increases reliability of services by providing a level of redundancy. When system failures and emergencies occur, our SIP Trunks can reroute services to a redundant data line or forward the PBX to mobile phones to keep your business up and running.

No Obligation Free Trial

We’re so confident that you’ll lover our service, we offer free trial accounts which include 60 minutes of outbound calling to anywhere in the US48 to test our service. It’s easy to get started. Call our VoIP Engineers to discuss a free trial (336) 691-2000 today.

Virtual Office with Hosted Phone Services

Cloud based hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers the phone systems to small and medium scale organizations at affordable price at anywhere or at home without constraining the area or geography and free from physical presence. That is why VOIP for small business is very common these days. Virtual Office allows the small or medium scale organizations or business to setup for work from anywhere by using Pcs, Laptop, Mobiles. The main advantages or benefits are cost saving, no capital cost investment and flexibility to work from anywhere. Benefits of VOIP for business are also similar. Virtual Office provides excellent features and advantages to Small and Medium scale organization such as they can make their presence as most of the desirable locations as very competitive and low price. They can answer the every call at their convenient place even employee can answer the call at home. They also have features to put the call on hold with music to caller, they can transfer the calls to concern departments for at concern locations, they can record the calls, and they can do conference call, voicemail or video call. Carolina Digital PhoneCarolina Digital Phone offers cloud based hosted VoIP which creates Virtual office at very competitive and low rates to small and medium organizations to increase their presence in the market and customer reach. The company is also a known name in the SIP trunk providers and VOIP providers business and you can also get their SIP trunk services if you want. Their SIP trunks pricing is also very competitive. Small and Medium scale organizations can get local virtual number offers by the VoIP provider and make virtual office to increase their physical presence and creates the image of local organizations for customers. They can be connected by laptop or PCs or Mobiles to track performance of the employee and the area, report that can be generate easily with the help of internet in details required with the Virtual office.

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